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February 24 . 11 min . by Odile Ndongo

To understand whether or not black people think small, start with the fundamental question, "What is small thinking?" Does it apply to blacks? Well, small thinking can be defined as the unwillingness to adopt another opinion other than a person's own. It is adamant to change, espouses one's viewpoint as the sole standard for perceiving other things, views or decisions. In other words, it is rigid in thinking and doesn't want to think out of the box. Having defined what small thinking entails, some perspectives give reason to assert that Blacks or the Afros, actually think small. Let us examine... read more...

January 20 . 11 min . by Odile Ndongo

Excellence: the quality of being outstanding and extremely good. This word has pretty much marked our very existence since the day we began understanding merits. We either make it or not. It was as simple as that. It was never placed together with our race or gender, or so we thought. Today the narratives have drastically changed. Now we hear phrases such as black exceptionalism, black excellence. These narratives have created an undeniable drift in our society, especially among the black community in the United States of America. To put this into perspective, we must first understand the phrase,... read more...

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